Google Video Gets Some New Features

Google has added some new features to Google Videos that are definitely nice to have: Movers and Shakers, recently uploaded videos, search history, and the homepage got a little refresh.

The Movers and Shakers is probably the best feature that they added. It reminds me of Alexa’s Movers and Shakers list except Google did it with videos and Alexa did it with Web Sites. This will definitely make it easy to find those videos that are about to become popular.

The recently uploaded section will show you videos that have been added recently. This doesn’t show you the most recently added, instead it randomly shows you videos that were added over the last week or so.

Lastly, Google Video is now incorporated into your Search History. The search history keeps track of searches you have done on Google, Google Images, etc… and now also Google Video. I have used this feature on Google countless times because Google saves your searches and remembers what videos/Web Sites you click on when you perform the search. This makes it a ton easier when you are trying to find something that you had searched for last week.

It looks like YouTube might need to put on some sunglasses before they get Googly eyes from seeing all of these new features!

Google Videos Homepage
News Source: Googling Google