Google Video Homepage Gets A New Layout

The Google Video Homepage has gotten a small facelift that really helps draw attention to popular videos. It now has a Top 10 list and the Movers and Shakers on the right-side of the homepage which gives users an easy way to find more videos. Immediately below the Movers and Shakers you will find some of the free videos of the day. These videos normally sell for $0.99 all the way up to $14.99 so make sure you check these out each day and watch (pun intended) for some good ones.

This new change comes just one day after Google announced a unique feature: hyperlink to any spot in a video. You can link to a specific part in the movie, say 1 minute and 36 seconds, just by adding #1m36s to the end of the video’s hyperlink. For more information on how that works you can check out my post on it.

This could prove to be some real competition for YouTube because it seems like Google just keeps adding more and more features to their Video site. I would expect to see YouTube rolling out some new features as well just to keep themselves ahead of the game.