If you go and search for a video at Google Video today, you’ll notice a new addition in the mix of results.  Up until recently, Google Video and YouTube videos were the only ones to appear in the results. Not so anymore as MetaCafe has now been added in.

They’re not stopping there either – MetaCafe will not be the only video sharing website that will be included in the results.  At the Searchology event, Google’s Marissa Mayer said that “we have them all.” And eventually, they will include the results from many of the video sharing sites.

Not only will the text results be included, but they’ll also have thumbnails for the videos from five or six of the major video sharing services.Mayer was asked about the availability of video search and her response was, “if we can crawl it, you will be able to search it.”


What’s interesting is that when you do a search and a MetaCafe result is displayed, it’s linked back to MetaCafe, the thumbnail is from MetaCafe, but you can watch an inline preview of the movie and it’s played using the Google Video Player. Apparently Google downloads the video themselves because they’re hosting the file that is played in the video player.

This really changes the way people will search for videos. Instead of going to one site to search, they can do a comprehensive search (eventually) of all of the major video sites to get a larger set of results.

I’m wondering how MetaCafe feels about this right now, because as it stands there’s really no need for anybody to click through to their site when they can stay and watch the video inline right from Google Video. It would be different if just a preview was offered and in order to watch the full video, users would have to go to MetaCafe to watch it.

Keep your eye out because other video sharing sites will be added soon…

Source: ZDNet

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  1. This is cool, like a one stop shop for video search. Now I don’t have to go to three different sites for video search.

  2. That’s exactly it- one stop shopping which is really nice. I just don’t know how these video services are going to feel about it. On one hand, they could potentially get a few new users pointed in their direction, on the other hand, it could probably keep users from every getting to their site with Google providing the inline video right from the search page.

  3. I like this idea, and I’m surprised that no one has really gone about doing this before. It provides a quick way to find the videos that you’re looking for, without having to go to 10 different sites. Awesome job Google!

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