Google wants you to voice your opinion on the cool new features that would make GMail even more useful. All you have to do is go through and check a few boxes for the new features that you would like to see. Here are the options that they currently have available:

  • Personalization
    • Customize my Gmail color scheme
    • Create my own keyboard shortcuts
    • Automatically email my new Gmail address to all of my contacts
    • Always display external images sent by my contacts
  • Organization
    • Filter my outgoing messages
    • Switch Conversation View on or off
  • Bells & Whistles
    • Delete attachments from a message
    • Import messages from my other email accounts
    • Automatically apply new filters to old conversations
  • Helpful Additions
    • Ability to add or remove messages from conversations
    • Click a button to delete a message
    • Control whether people I send mail to are added to Contacts

You get to pick 5 of the choices but you can also suggest a feature that is not currently on the list. It looks like they forgot to remove the “Click a button to delete a message” option when they implemented that back in January.

Apparently they do really listen to suggestions because these are the features that they say have been suggested and implemented already:

So I wonder what will be next now? The biggest feature that I would like to have is the ability to control whether people that I send an email to are added to my Contact list. I’m glad to see that was a choice on the list. :)