Google WiFi AvailableGoogle just announced that the WiFi network in Mountain View, CA is now ready for the public to use. All you need is a wireless-enabled device to get yourself on the Web and start browsing.

Each of the access points have been placed outdoors except in the Mountain View Public Library. That means if you want to receive the signal inside a building, such as at your business, they recommend that you purchase a WiFi modem.

The image to the right was taken from their map of the city which indicates where their access points are located. I think you can safely say that they have “blanketed” the city of Mountain View with WiFi.

If you are one of the lucky people that are able to access their service just use the support page to see how to connect to the Google WiFi network. It really isn’t much different then connecting to a wireless network in your home.

Maybe this will spark some other cities to do the same thing. :)