In the past, both Ryan and I had been a fan of Google Bookmarks, especially because we were able to use the GMarks extension along with it. With the release of Firefox 3 though, we wanted to use the built-in system because we liked the way it handled itself. We ended up leaving Google Bookmarks behind and switched to using the Firefox 3 bookmarking system along with the Foxmarks extension which keeps our bookmarks in sync across multiple computers and serves as a good backup. We’re pretty content at this point with Foxmarks but it looks as though Google is working on a new interface for Google Bookmarks that’ll make it even better.

ideas - Google Notebook.png

Those of you who currently use Google Bookmarks know that they have your web history integrated into the bookmarks page, which makes sense, but now with the new version (shown above) they take out the web history and include Notebooks. If you click on this link and you have Google Bookmarks, you’ll be able to see what the new interface looks like. At some point you’ll be able to click back and forth between Bookmarks and Notebooks in the left sidebar, but for now once you click away from the Bookmarks, you have no way of getting back to the new interface.

While this new interface makes sense because your Notebook clippings are essentially bookmarks, the “old” interface that incorporates web history makes sense as well. The best solution would be to incorporate all three together, bookmarks, notebooks, and web history, because then you would have all of your important web search information right in one central location. One downside that Google Operating System Blog points out is that with this new interface, full-text search is missing because all of your bookmarks get converted to notes.

Google has not officially launched this yet which is why you’ll probably run into a problem here or there if you decide to try it out. Just keep this in mind. Once they have it perfected and officially release it, we’ll let you know.