Late last week Google announced that they were not going to be launching any new services for a little while. Their primary focus will now be revamping their already released products. We have already seen evidence of this happening with the recent update to Google Reader.

This is definitely a good plan by Google because they need to work more on refining their products. The other thing that they said that they really want to do is integrate their services together so that users can easily take advantage of everything that they offer. I think that everyone has been saying that’s what they want for quite awhile.

The first thing that should become a central hub for their services is Google Talk.  It should be working with their other products such as the Google Calendar and even the Google Reader to notify users of upcoming events or recent news. They do have several modules that you can use with the Google Desktop to bring your information together but Vista users, such as myself, may find having another desktop search application redundant.