Googlebomb: A prank where people attempt to cause someone else’s site to rank for an obscure or meaningless query. Also known as linkbomb.

Google has known about these “Googlebombs” for quite some time now, yet they felt that because the phrases were “well off the beaten path,” they haven’t been high priority to fix.  For example, previously by typing in failure, the first result was for the White House page on President Bush. It’s a way for a website to get ranked #1 on Google for any term.

On the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog they mention that it has become more of a priority for them simply because some people felt that Google had hand-coded those results, or that it was their opinion. One solution would be to go in and manually change the results for those Googlebombs; afterall, they say that there are under a hundred that are well-known.  But, we’re talking about Google here who use Algorithms for just about everything.  A few people at Google got together and created an Algorithm that will detect Googlebombs in different languages so that hopefully, most of them can be detected.

They’re not claiming that it’s the perfect solution and that it can handle any prank, but it catches most of them so that searches for terms like “failure” should be more relevant.

Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog [ via Tech Reads]