Google's Blog Search Now Has New Features

I was doing a search for some information on the Google Blog Search today when I noticed a new sidebar with some nifty features. The main feature that they added was the ability to view articles during a certain time period (for example: only articles from the last week). This is great because many times a search will provide results that are very old and irrelevant to you.

The other thing on the sidebar is the ability to subscribe to a feed for a particular search. Depending on your subject you subscribe to you may want to adjust your Google preferences to only show results for your language, because many searches return results in many languages. You can adjust your preferences next to the search box where it says “Preferences”.

I am sure I will still use Technorati as my primary tool for blog searching but Google is inching closer to pulling me away. If only they incorporated the “Note It” feature for the Google Notebook into the Blog Search then it would be really great!

Google Blog Search