Google's Blog Was Hacked!

The image above was the result of the Google Blog being hacked just a short time ago. A friend of the hacker made a post on Digg which quickly made it to a Front Page article. I guess the hacker broke into the blog by guessing the password (they say the password was related to Microsoft). The Google Blog is currently replaced with a cached version of the blog, which is why there are no images. Also, the friend of the hacker put up the AIM conversation they had:

11 :30:11 PM: 11:30:20 PM: i HACKED GOOGLEBLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 11:30:24 PM: LEET POWER! 11:30:28 PM: lol 11:30:47 PM: i did. look at it. 11:31:10 PM: YOU did that? 11:31:14 PM: 11:31:17 PM: yes, 11:31:29 PM: who’s trey philips? 11:31:44 PM: just nobody so that i dont get arrested… 11:31:48 PM: rofl 11:31:52 PM: dude, you could get a job! 11:31:57 PM: lol 11:32:00 PM: how’d you hack it? 11:32:18 PM: i’ll digg it 11:32:23 PM: their password was – [REMOVED PASSWORD] 11:32:31 PM: get it – [REMOVED PUN] 11:32:32 PM: rofl 11:32:36 PM: you have to be joking 11:32:47 PM: no i am not jioking – reset their passwd 11:33:16 PM: i mean5 i reset their paswd and dleted all thei rprevious entriess. 11:33:17 PM: dude, prove YOU hacked it 11:33:31 PM: put: this is proof 11:33:34 PM: on a blog post 11:33:34 PM: i just phreaking proved – whaddya want 11:33:41 PM: ok, hold on 11:34:03 PM: chekc now dude 11:34:25 PM: oh nice 11:34:32 PM: ;) 11:34:37 PM: dont tell any1 11:35:42 PM: My friend aim’s me: i HACKED GOOGLEBLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I don’t believe him. Sure enough, it’s hacked. But how do I know HE did it? Well….he added a special note for me. Hopefully, they’ll hire him, not sue him. 11:35:44 PM: is that OK 11:35:48 PM: for the digg article 11:36:12 PM: go for it – i dont care. its rally not hacking. i guessed the password 11:36:24 PM: should i add the part about the pwd? 11:36:41 PM: just say i somehow guessed it and it has something to do with m$ 11:36:59 PM: dude, i am sure this is gonna be slashdotted. ;) 11:37:32 PM: How did he do it? Some good old password guessing. Wanna know the pass? Let’s just say it had something to do with their lovely rival M$. 11:37:38 PM: sound good? 11:37:40 PM: check now 11:37:42 PM: i want to be famous too 11:37:47 PM: 11:37:56 PM: look at my profile 11:38:16 PM: i dindt want to do comp. sci – too obvious 11:38:48 PM: heh 11:38:48 PM: look at the comments 11:39:12 PM: post a link to my digg 11:39:14 PM: for ppl to DIGG it 11:39:22 PM: give me link 11:39:25 PM: i’ll get you the link in a sec 11:39:35 PM: 11:39:37 PM: there we go 11:40:38 PM: i rul3 ! 11:41:10 PM: post on the comments 11:41:14 PM: that my digg is the official one 11:41:17 PM: so says the hacker 11:41:29 PM: and then make a blog entry about the digg 11:41:32 PM: so it’s on front page 11:41:52 PM: too risky. wait. i will login qwith my alter -egp 11:41:54 PM: is it still the same pass? 11:41:57 PM: exactly 11:41:58 PM: *alter-ego 11:42:21 PM: no ofcourse not. its a super uncrackable password – sumthing to do with longhorns… 11:42:29 PM: :) 11:43:55 PM: hurry up with alter-ego 11:44:01 PM: tons of ppl read google blog 11:44:10 PM: heh, they prolly won’t notice til next morning 11:44:12 PM: crap. i cant loing ;( 11:44:13 PM: cuz they off work 11:44:20 PM: login? 11:44:23 PM: i cant login. 11:44:23 PM: did they counter you? 11:44:26 PM: ??? 11:44:37 PM: i dunno – i cant even loing to my original blogger… 11:44:41 PM: ROFL 11:44:43 PM: uh oh. 11:44:43 PM: that was fast 11:44:46 PM: they got you 11:44:54 PM: holy shit 11:45:21 PM: already 12 comments. ofcourse 3 of them mine. 11:45:38 PM: already 7 diggs 11:45:40 PM: and 1 comment 11:46:13 PM: yeah, but they fucking locked me out from both my real blogger and trey philips…. 11:46:22 PM: how did they figure out? 11:46:41 PM: come on…someone in google is going to randomly look at the blog 11:46:44 PM: let me check. let me go out to a ut computer – maybe they just blocked my ip 11:46:57 PM: hehe 11:47:06 PM: then try wireless 11:47:09 PM: google will track you 11:47:15 PM: you’ll be haxed! 11:47:20 PM: or offered a job 11:47:23 PM: depending on their mood 11:47:38 PM: 14 diggs 11:47:40 PM: it’s going fast 11:47:53 PM: 16 commetns on the blog…its spiralling. 11:48:00 PM: lol – slashdotted! 11:48:10 PM: already? wow 11:48:22 PM: not on the main , but sum1 submitted it to the admins 11:48:43 PM: i tried to submit it and it said ta similar srticle is under-review. submitted 1 minutes before me./… 11:48:59 PM: pfft 11:49:03 PM: tell them YOU’re the guy 11:49:08 PM: and they should ignore the other crap 11:49:17 PM: i don’t know how to use slashdot…it’s confusing 11:49:50 PM: ok, finally i logged in. no urls in the comments maan – they are blocking them 11:49:50 PM: !!! 11:50:20 PM: heh 11:50:35 PM: wait. 11:51:16 PM: digg link on main blog page plz 11:51:20 PM: must get this dugg fast 11:52:04 PM: wait. i am doing sumthing clever. 11:54:05 PM: how’d you make the weird pic? 11:54:20 PM: 55 diggs…. 11:54:23 PM: this is happening fast 11:54:49 PM: pixel manipulation of my original facebook pic….look up the “morph filter in GIMP” 11:54:59 PM: it’s on front page 11:55:00 PM: 66 diggs 11:55:02 PM: ! 11:55:27 PM: wow, there are so many ways they can track this back to you 11:55:43 PM: who cares? i dint hack. 11:55:48 PM: this is exciting 11:56:11 PM: ok, i might have used a little help from my wep-cracker, but that dusnt count….;=) 11:56:48 PM: should i tell them the old pass? they are begging 11:56:52 PM: i’ll tell them it’s something better now 11:57:33 PM: no dont do it – that ud be too suspicious. they can get to me from you! dont do it plz. tell them sumthing wrong or give em a hint 11:57:42 PM: accept my comment 11:57:58 PM: pfft, user agreement doesn’t say i have to give you up 11:58:06 PM: i’ll be like, “is he getting a job?….” 11:58:10 PM: “am I getting a job?” 11:58:10 PM: :P 11:58:14 PM: lol 11:58:34 PM: i’ll tell them OLD pass, not new… 11:58:47 PM: 11:58:50 PM: NOOOOOOOO 11:59:16 PM: they ud get to me from you then. if u dont tell them the pswd – u can weasel out by saying i was just kidding. 11:59:20 PM: 120diggs 11:59:21 PM: hehe 11:59:31 PM: record frontpaging for digg 11:59:34 PM: ok, do one thing – copy and paste this conversation without the paSSWROD!!!!! 11:59:47 PM: to where? 12:00:04 AM: i’ll post it on my site 12:00:17 AM: then link to my site from there 12:00:21 AM: check google blog now – did the “clever” thing – my ode to google and i am scared 12:00:21 AM: i’ll put up google ads 12:00:22 AM: and make money 12:00:25 AM: lol 12:00:29 AM: :) 12:00:32 AM: i’l split with you 12:00:38 AM: gotta work fast 12:00:44 AM: split – more like 90% and 10% split 12:00:49 AM: ok do it

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