Google is diving even further into the world of search engines by releasing a new site called This new site provides users with a slightly different experience than what you get with Google. The biggest difference is that you’ll see search results for both the web and images side-by-side for each search that you perform.

One of the absolute weirdest things that you can do is drag search results around to reorder them. On their features page they say this is just for fun but go on to hint that they “have some ideas for how to use this.” I hope that doesn’t mean how a user reorganizes the results will effect how a page ranks, because that will be a spammer’s paradise!

My biggest complaint was that you couldn’t adjust any search preferences. One of the things that I always did with Google was change the number of displayed search results to 100 per page. I couldn’t do that with SearchMash and it was a little disappointing because I didn’t want to hit “More Results” each time. Of course, that was until I realized that hitting the “More Results” didn’t reload the page! It used AJAX to retrieve the next 10 results and display them. I started to think that this awesome until I played with it enough to notice that you can’t display more than 90 items total.

Search Engine Watch contacted Google and asked why they were doing SearchMash. This is Google’s response:

SearchMash is an experimental search site operated by Google. The goal of SearchMash is to test innovative user interfaces in order to continually improve the overall search experience for our users.

The site does not include Google branding to help us gather more objective data about user response to new interfaces.

I think that it is pretty cool to see Google looking to revamp their search process as long as they always let people switch back to the old version. I think that some people love Google so much because of the simplicity and quick loading search results that they provide. As much as I like the AJAX features I just don’t think that SearchMash is better than the classic Google.

News Source: Inside Google
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