Google's GBuy Release Set For June 28

It looks like June 28 is going to be a big day in Google’s history. That is when Forbes said Google will release its PayPal killing web payment service called GBuy. Initially they will not charge any fees for using the service but Forbes predicted that the fees will eventually be 1.5% to 2%. That is still lower than what PayPal charges its users so Google might have developed the real PayPal killer.

Now all they have to do is figure out an easy way to let people use this payment service for their eBay listings. I would think that they will provide buttons that you could place on your auction, and once the auction completes the user just has to click that button and complete the checkout process through GBuy. If they can figure out a way to do that then eBay will really start shaking in their boots.

News Source: Forbes