Google's GDrive Slips Up

We have all been waiting for Google to release the GDrive service and we might be receiving a few hints now. This page is a copy of what was temporarily available on the Writely server. It gives details on what we can expect from GDrive, also known as Platypus. Here are the details that the page provided:

  • Backup. If you lose your computer, grab a new one and reinstall Platypus. Your files will be on your new machine in minutes.
  • Sync. Keep all your machines synchronized, even if they run different operating systems.
  • VPN-less access. Not at a Google computer? View your files on the web at
  • Publish. All of the files you store on Platypus are automatically accessible from the (corporate) web.
  • Share. Other Googlers can mount your Platypus folders and open your files in read-only mode.
  • Collaborate. Create shared spaces to which multiple Googlers can write.
It also has advantages over storing your files in your filer WWW directory:
  • Disconnected access. On the plane? VPN broken? All your files are still accessible.
  • Local IO speeds. Open and save as quickly as you could if you were accessing them from your C: drive.

The text that I italicized I found when looking at the source code of the page. They had commented out that text. This GDrive sounds like it is going to be pretty amazing if it is actually designed for the public. We are probably just getting our hopes up and it will only be for Google employees to store their files.