One of the things that I like most about using Google as my primary search engine is that their page loads quick, and it’s simple. There’s no “extras” to slow down the loading time which means I’m able to perform my search faster. If they ever changed things, I must admit, I’d be a bit disappointed which is why I’m hoping that the changes they’re making over in Asia won’t eventually be implemented here as well.

According to PC World, Google is experimenting with a new homepage design in both Taiwan and Hong Kong saying that they’re doing it to “take advantage of faster broadband speeds.” What they’re actually doing is directing users to an iGoogle page that is filled with “stuff.” Google co-founder Sergey Brin says that so far the response has been positive, and that the design is more appropriate for the culture there.

Igoogle hk

If they’re taking advantage of faster broadband speeds, I’m sure the page probably loads just as quickly as the plain Google homepage loads for me, but then the issue is all of the extras cluttering up the page. So, with that… how would you feel if the Google Homepage was re-designed to look something more like iGoogle with Gadgets, and links to other Google services? I’m pretty sure Google wouldn’t take that route here, but if they did…

Source: PC World [via Google Operating System]