Google Code Search

Google’s new Code Search is probably one of the coolest and most useful things that I have seen them launch in a long time. The idea is so simple yet it has proven to be a difficult task to find example code when you need it.

There is one thing that they definitely need to do though. In the Advanced Code Search options they have a drop-down menu to narrow the search results to a specific programming language. That drop-down menu needs to be right next to the search box at all times. When you’re searching for some code the odds are pretty good that you are going to be looking for a specific language, so I think it is very important to have easy access to the language selector.

Then on Digg today I noticed that someone had found source code to some key generators that people have made for programs like WinZIP. There are also a few searches that will give you a laugh:

I plan on using this quite a bit so I assigned it to a keyword search in Firefox. That way I’ll have the world’s programming knowledge even closer to my finger tips. *muh ha ha ha*