DoubleclickThat’s right, Google has another huge purchase under their belt. This time it’s for the acquisition of DoubleClick Inc. for $3.1 billion dollars in cash! The deal was announced yesterday, and it’s expected to be officially completed by the end of the year.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft was also in on the bidding for DoubleClick and lost big time.  I’m sure they’re kicking themselves for letting this one get by.  DoubleClick is considered to be one of the pioneers of online advertising, and now Google has swept them up.

To put this into perspective, Google paid more for DoubleClick than they did for YouTube, which at the time was considered a huge amount (YouTube’s price was 1.76 billion). Clearly Google sees the value in this company because they were willing to pay big money for it.

Both Google and DoubleClick say that the combination will give media buyers and sellers “more powerful tools for targeting and analyzing online advertisements.” This gives Google an even better position in the online advertising market where they’ve already been extremely successful.

Now the next question that everybody is wondering is whether or not DoubleClick will be internalized, and how they’d go about doing that.  This could definitely be Google’s biggest purchase for the year, and perhaps one of their better buys.

Source: (Thanks for the tip CoryC!)