Google Picasa Google’s Picasa 2.5 photo managing software has worked its way out of Beta (believe it or not :) ). The release notes detail all of the new features but here is a brief overview for those that have not been venturous enough to play with the Beta:

  • Share photos online
  • Nested folder view
  • Save changes to disk
  • Improved import
  • Screensavers
  • Geotagging
  • Larger thumbnails
  • New RAW features
  • Improved caption editing
  • Starred photos organize automatically into a special album
  • “Just raw frames” option lets you export time-lapse sequences in the movie maker
  • The bottom row of buttons can now be configured to suit your needs

I have been using Picasa for awhile now it is a really nice piece of software. It definitely shows that Google is dedicated to updating their products so that the users will continue to get new features.

Download Picasa 2.5

News Source: Google System