Yesterday, Google’s Picasa Web Albums pushed out a few needed improvements/features. December was the last time they added new features, so it was about time for an update. They’ve got a whole list of all of the recently launched features which you can check-out, I’ll just point out some of the ones that stood out:

One of the biggest new changes is that they’re now allowing 1GB of free storage.  Just like Gmail, it says (and counting) which means eventually the storage space should be more. And as always, they offer the upgrade if you need more space. Originally you were only offered 250 MB of space before needing to pay.

The next major feature that you’ll enjoy is that you can search community photos. Currently the search allows you to search your favorites, ‘My Photos,’ or ‘Community Photos.’ You can search tags, album titles, descriptions, just about anything. I always liked Flickr because you can search through thousands of community photos, so this will be a nice addition to Picasa.


Finally, they’ve made it easier to share your photos via email, IM, or a web page. Keep in mind, you can also upload videos using Picasa, another nice sharing feature. If you’re wanting to share a home video with someone, you could easily upload it and share it via the web.

It’s a nice improvement to the service, and definitely a move in the right direction by upping the storage space from 250 MB to 1GB!

Source: Google Operating System