It was just about a month ago that Google announced that they were indeed working on some sort of presentation system for Google Docs & Spreadsheets, and the first signs have started to peak out. Tony Ruscoe pointed out a link that appears on PowerPoint files when he receives them in his email, and the link offers the option to view the presentation as a slideshow:

Google Presenter

If he clicks on that link he is taken to a Flash-based player that lets him view the presentation:

Google Presenter

You’ll notice that the right-click menu also offers several options that control the navigation through the presentation, and even the ability to embed the presentation on your own site. Tony said that embedding the presentation doesn’t work quite yet because it tries to access an internal site at Google, which means they are definitely still working on this.

I tried to do this in three of my Gmail accounts and didn’t see the link in any of them. I thought there might still be some hope because Tony noticed the link for the “View as Slideshow” option is actually the same as the “View as HTML” option, except that disp=vah is changed to disp=vgp in the URL. I tried opening up the “View as HTML” option and changing that parameter, but I received an error message. :(

Keep your eyes open, because I’m sure we’ll be seeing some more about this!

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  1. It would be good if this was the first sign of Google making their own PowerPoint competitor, but I’m inclined to agree with many of the commenters on the Google Blogoscoped article who suggest that it’s simply a way of viewing them. It could be used in future for embeding powerpoints though – which could be very useful.

  2. It’s nice to see you back Inferno_str1ke! :)

    This is indeed the first step into making a PowerPoint competitor, and this is going to be a needed part of the online application when it is released. I’m guessing that they finished the “viewer” and decided that they might as well let people start testing that out to see what kind of problems might occur. That way they’ll be able to see if there are certain problems with PowerPoints that it can’t handle, so that when it does launch it will be ready to go.

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