Google Custom Search Engine

Google just released a Custom Search Engine Creator that lets you make your own search engine with a customizable list of sites that will be included in the search. I went through the initial set of options and had my own search engine up and running in just a few minutes. There are only a few sites that I added to the search list but it is open for volunteers that want to contribute more URL’s.

Some people are taking it even further, like this technology search site, by making custom pages for the search engine. You can do the same by going into the Control Panel after you have created your search engine. Once in the Control Panel you will be given several options that you didn’t have before and one of those options provides the necessary code to add the search to any page you would like.

You may even decide to make a little money off of the search engine by adding your Google Adsense account information. That way you can make some cash on the side if someone clicks on some ads while performing a search.

This is a great idea and a lot of people seem to be excited by it, but I think it will wear off very quickly. People will not want to clutter their bookmarks with multiple Google Search Engines. The only way that I can see people using this a lot is if Google added some sort of “filter” for people to use directly on the main Google Homepage. Otherwise these search engines are going to quickly be forgotten.

News Source: Official Google Blog