After lots of speculation, Google has officially announced the addition of “Presentations” to the Google Docs and Spreadsheets family. Along side that, the additional announcement was made that they have acquired Tonic Systems.

How does that fit in? Well, Tonic Systems is a company whose technology focuses on Java solutions for “presentation creation and document conversion.” It appears as though Google has acquired them to integrate their technology into the whole Google Docs and Spreadsheets package.

Several sources including the Official Google Blog indicate that the Presentation portion is something that will be added on as a feature to Google Docs and Spreadsheets and not as a stand-alone online application like some people originally speculated.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was asked whether or not this new feature would compete with Microsoft Office, and Schmidt’s reply was that he didn’t think so because it wasn’t intended to have the functionality of something like Microsoft Office. I’m sure somewhere in there though, he’s hoping to snatch away some of Microsoft’s most basic users who don’t need or want a feature intensive application.

While this probably wont’ be a “PowerPoint Killer,” I think it makes sense for them to add a presentation element to the mix to complete their “suite” of online applications.

Source: (Thanks for the tip CoryC!)