I’ve used Google’s translation tool on several occasions, and it’s been extremely helpful (particularly when I was in Spanish class). Their translator is especially helpful for longer phrases and paragraphs.  While it continues to be a service in beta, they have added a new Dictionary tool which works perfectly for one-word queries.

There are 9 different translation options, and they include:

  • English-French
  • French-English
  • English-German
  • German-English
  • English-Italian
  • Italian-English
  • English-Spanish
  • Spanish-English


I decided to try it out, so I typed the Spanish word “perro” and selected for a translation from Spanish to English. First it displayed what the word meant – dog, and then it gave me a list of related phrases.

Examples of related phrases include:

  • Sheep dog
  • Take the dog out
  • The dog hurt itself
  • Stray dog
  • Lap dog
  • Seeing eye dog

Those were just a handful of the phrases available, but they’re all related and could potentially prove helpful. I found that this dictionary is actually much better for single word queries than several translation services that I tried, and the example phrases that they provide are actually practical and useful.

To try it out, just go to translate.google.com and then click on dictionary at the top of the page.