GTA 2If you’re looking for a great way to spend the rest of your Sunday afternoon, maybe you should do it playing some Grand Theft Auto (GTA). There is no doubt that GTA is best known for it’s car stealing madness as you rush around trying to avoid the cops and complete the jobs you’re hired to do…but that is what makes it so fun!

The most popular version of GTA is probably Vice City, which I happen to own myself for the Xbox, and it is quite addicting once you start playing it. There were two versions of GTA prior to that one and Rockstar, the creators of GTA, recently released Grand Theft Auto 2 as a free download for PC users.

You can currently download GTA 1, GTA 2 and another game called Wild Metal at no cost to play on your computer. They do want you to register before downloading the games, but they just redirect you to another site to finish the download process. Here are the those direct links for anyone who doesn’t want to register (yes, the URL is an IP address which I also thought was weird…but you can always register at the above address if you don’t trust these URL’s):

GTA 1 Download – 328MB
GTA 2 Download – 344MB

I tried both versions on Vista and I couldn’t even get GTA 1 to install, but GTA 2 worked flawlessly. If you’re using XP you shouldn’t have a problem with either of them though. 

One thing that I really like about those games is that they aren’t graphics intensive so they work great even on slightly older PC’s! So if you’re looking to keep yourself occupied tonight this might be do just the trick, but watch out for those pesky police officers because they don’t like when you steal their cars. ;)

Source: Kotaku

Thanks for the tip Mike!