Google Reader Greasemonkey Script The new Google Reader is pretty nice but Google still needs to integrate it into many of their other services. In the mean time you may want to check your news at the same time that you are checking your email. You can do so with this amazing Greasemonkey script that will show a link for your feeds in the sidebar of GMail. It will also show you how many unread feeds you currently have and when you click on the link it pulls up your unread articles! Pretty nice!

The person that created this script is the same person that made my favorite Greasemonkey script called GMail Conversation Preview. Using that script you can right click on any message in your Inbox and it will show you a popup window with the contents of the message. It saves me so much time and lets me quickly read my messages.

Honestly, GMail should have a feature similar to Google Reader where you can click on article’s title in the collapsed view and it will expand it without the need to take the user away from their Inbox. That would make reading emails a lot quicker but until then I will be using GMail Conversation Preview. It would also be cool if Cooliris was compatible with GMail but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!

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  1. [] is my favorite from the same guy. The page I linked to is the same site as your conversation preview link, but this page has the conversation preview bubbles script, the gmail label colors script, and the gmail macros script.

    I prefer to use gmail’s web interface with the gmail macros script over any desktop mail application because my hands never have to leave the keyboard, and I can navigate and organize my labels extremely quickly. With a little initial setup of labels and mail filters, it’s insanely easy to keep organized.

  2. That GMail Macros is pretty nice and I haven’t seen that. I guess he knows how to easily create these cool scripts for Google’s services since he works for them. :)

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