Great Guide To Installing Software In Ubuntu

For those people who have downloaded the new Ubuntu and have started tweaking it then you might find this of interest as well. This guide, by, will walk you through the steps to get just about any software installed that you would want to. It is very well put together with a number of screenshots to help ensure that you won’t get confused.

I recently started using Kubuntu because I am more of a KDE interface person than the Gnome interface. I also have the KDE of Suse 10.1 installed on my system and the two are very similar. I would say that Kubuntu runs applications a little faster than Suse does but it seems like Suse is more customizable.

Kubuntu, however, does remind me very much of Windows. The System Settings is very close to what you would see if you opened up the Control Panel. Heck, I think that if you slapped a Windows XP skin on Kubuntu then you almost wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between the two systems (there is also a skin for Mac fans).

I will probably stick with Kubuntu because of the high number of guides on the Web to help me figure out how to do stuff, after all, I am still new to Linux.

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