Photo Freeware

Camera’s are being put into everything: phones, computers, cars (for assisted parallel parking), and even toys for kids. Most of the time the photos are meant to be stored by the consumer for the sake of memories…but it doesn’t hurt to have some nice software to help you out along the way. is a great site that lists all of the different image editing, photo albums, image viewers, and transferring software that you’ll need. I know most of you use Google’s Picasa to organize, store, and edit your photos so you may not be looking for anything else but you may find something that you like.

I’ve been looking through their page that lists all of the most-downloaded applications according to the different categories and I have seen a few different programs I wouldn’t mind trying. One in particular that looks interesting is the Corel SnapFire which lets you do professional looking things to your photos. I think I’ll give it a whirl.

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