Gritwire is yet another online homepage and feed reader but it is a little unique in the fashion that you can lay it out. Their feed reader, called the SpeedFeed Reader, gives you the feel of a desktop application because it lets you resize the different portions of the reader. In fact, everything inside of Gritwire is resizable much like the applications that you run right on your PC.

There isn’t a ton of different features that you can add to your Gritwire page but the concept is unlike other homepages that I have come across. Right now you can add things like weather, quicklinks/bookmarks, feed reader, inbox, friends, and podcasts. Here is an overview of the features as detailed by their About page:

  • SpeedFeed Reader – Use our reader to organize feeds into folders, read and save content, or rate feeds and feed items. And, if you have an OPML file handy, you can upload all the feeds from there as well.
  • Gritcast Player – Play Podcasts or Videocasts in our media player. We support MP3s as well as most files that are currently supported in Windows Media Player and Quicktime.
  • Friends – Invite friends to your network to enhance your Gritwire experience. Recommending your favorite feed items, start and share wikis, or discuss through Gritwire.
  • Inbox – Whether your getting an invite from a friend or a recommendation to a feed, you’ll be notified through your inbox. You can also start discussion logs with your friends there.
  • Quicklinks – It’s really as simple as it sounds. Add your favorite links, organize them into folders. They’re there for safe-keeping.
  • Wikis – Our wikis are like a virtual notepad. Use them to track notes or whatever information you’ll want easily accessible. You can share and edit wikis with your friends.

The main reason that I wanted to post about this was because I love how everything on the page is resizable. Things like the Google Reader should allow users to resize the sidebars and customize the layout a little bit. A large part about Web 2.0 sites is that they are user configurable but these newer companies are really starting to create a new definition for the word “Settings.”