windowtabs.pngTabs are undoubtedly a hot thing these days with more and more applications moving to some sort of tab-like interface. Web browsers are probably the first thing you think of, but other apps like Microsoft Office even have a tab-like interface with the Ribbon. Why not go a little further? With WindowTabs you can extend the tab interface to pretty much any app.

We’ve seen other programs that are capable of doing this, but after having played with it for a bit I’d say it’s one of the smoothest and best looking solutions I’ve seen. As you can tell from the screenshot the tabs currently take on a Chrome-like appearance, which may or may not be something you like. Unfortunately at this stage it’s not something you can customize, but skinning capabilities seem like a natural next step for this app.

What’s cool with WindowTabs is that you can group together any apps, regardless of whether they are the same program or not. Each group will then show just one Taskbar item, and the title/icon will reflect the currently selected tab. So not only does it de-clutter your desktop, but it also frees some space on your Taskbar.

Still not sure if you should try it? Check out this video demonstrating WindowTabs in action. You’ll see just how smooth the whole tab-grouping process is.

There’s just one catch. The free version is considered a “trial” even though it doesn’t have any nag screens and isn’t time limited. Instead you’re not allowed to have more than 3 tabs per grouping. If you want to buy the full app you’ll need to shell out $19. The developer did a great job on this, but I think somewhere around $9.99 would have been better suited for a program like this.

WindowTabs Homepage [via Lifehacker]