microsoft spokesman.pngBack in the beginning of June we told you about how Microsoft is serious about improving their brand by hiring a big name in the advertising market to put together a campaign for them. A month later when news about the ‘Mojave project’ started to come out, people assumed that it had to be part of the new campaign to revive the Microsoft brand. Microsoft replied saying it wasn’t, so we were left wondering when anything that was supposed to be a part of the grand plan would start surfacing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, we now know that advertisements for the campaign will begin sometime around September 4th, and that Microsoft has paid $10 million dollars to one individual to appear in the ads. Any guesses on who that individual might be? Seinfeld fans will be happy to know that it’s Jerry Seinfeld who will be the big celebrity for Microsoft’s commercials. He and Bill Gates will be appearing in the commercials together. Yes, together.

The WSJ didn’t have too many details about the campaign other than they believe one of the slogans that will be used is “Windows, Not Walls.”