guitar hero iii One topic that surprisingly hasn’t been mentioned on CyberNet yet is Guitar Hero. There has been such a craze over the multi-platform game that it’s hard to believe it’s never come up! Not even once! So today’s the day that Guitar Hero is mentioned but unfortunately, it’s because the publishers of the popular game have found themselves involved in a patent dispute with Gibson Guitar Corp., a company that makes real guitars.

According to the Associated Press, Gibson Guitar is claiming that the publisher of Guitar Hero, Activision Inc. should stop selling the game until they get a license under their patent. Gibson’s patent back from 1999 “covers a virtual-reality device that included a headset with speakers and that simulated participating in a concert.” Most of you already know what Guitar Hero is all about, but for those of you who don’t, players of the game use a guitar shaped peripheral to simulate playing music. It’s been a big hit for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and 3, Nintendo Wii, PC, and Mac, especially since Guitar Hero III launched. The game has been extremely successful for Activision who managed to report a 90 percent increase in profit for their third quarter which ended on December 31st.

So what’s going to happen from here? Well, Activision says “we disagree with the applicability of their patent and would like a legal determination on this.” At this point they’re not going to stop selling the game, but they will have to prove that they aren’t violating Gibson Guitar’s patent. I’d hate to see this game removed from the shelves because it would probably be right around the time I finally caved-in and wanted to buy it. :)

Any Guitar Hero fans? There’s gotta be at least a few of you who are experts out there! Ryan and I were just at a Fry’s Electronics store on Saturday and we stood there watching a guy playing a song, on expert, without making a single mistake. Talk about being disgusted! What made it worse was that he was in a full business suit and was probably in his late 40’s which means he probably does have a job and can’t sit there playing all day. Absolutely crazy!