Hack a Mac was an offer that was put out to anybody who thought they could do it.  The prize? A new MacBook, and potentially $10,000. The point? Macs aren’t as secure as everybody thinks and Apple needs to pay more attention to this.

The contest was started at the CanSecWest Security Conference. Originally it was going to be open only to those attending the conference, but then they decided they’d open it up to anybody, and the machines were placed online. On day two of the contest, the hack occurred on a MacBook while surfing to a malicious site using Safari.

Besides a new MacBook, the person who was able to do this will also be eligible for a $10,000 “bug bounty” that TippingPoint announced on Thursday if it was an unknown bug.

While Apple hasn’t been a major target to security threats, a point was definitely made and Apple needs to pay more attention to this before it becomes a wide-spread problem. It’s also ironic that on Thursday, Apple just released 25 different patches for vulnerabilities is OS X.

Source: Thanks Cory!