iPod Classic on 5G

I think Apple needs to start taking some of their cues from hackers because they are truly demonstrating what the masses want. When the iPhone was originally released hackers were forced to find a way to get real third-party applications onto the device, and it didn’t take long for that to happen. Now Apple is trying to make amends by releasing a true SDK in February for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

And then Microsoft announced that the original Zune will be getting the same firmware update that the Zune 2 will have, and many people were angry that Apple didn’t do the same thing with the iPod Classic. Hackers went at it again and were able to port over the firmware to 5G and 5.5G iPods!

Information on the hacked firmware can be found here, and here is the page that you’ll need to download it from. If after installation your iPod doesn’t get past the Apple logo you’ll need to press and hold the center and play buttons at the same time until “Disk Mode” appears on the screen. From there you can restore your iPod’s firmware back to the original. The developer claims that this firmware update “cannot, and will not brick your iPod.”

Here’s a video demonstration that shows what the new firmware looks like on a 5G iPod:

[via iLounge]
Thanks for the tip Pieter!