I’ve been a big fan of uTorrent for quite some time mostly because of its small size, but there are a lot of features it has that I’ve never really needed. For example, how often do you look at all of those fancy graphs in uTorrent? If you feel the same way then you might want to checkout the Halite BitTorrent client.

Halite is a simple stripped-down BitTorrent client without the frills of uTorrent, but it comes packed with stellar performance. When downloading a file using Halite it used up no more than 8MB of memory, which is just a little bit less than uTorrent. Download speeds are also on par to what I get with uTorrent for the same files, which is probably one of the more important things.

Overall I’m pleased with how Halite handles itself, and I’ll definitely be using it more from now on. If you’re on Windows this is a great solution, otherwise you can checkout some of the other cross-platform BitTorrent apps that we’ve covered.

Download the Halite Bittorrent Client [via Lifehacker]