The first 24 hours of Halo 3’s release was HUGE for Microsoft as Xbox 360 users forked out a total of $170 million for the game. Remember, that was only the first 24 hours! That $170 million was enough to make the launch of Halo 3 the biggest in entertainment history – bigger than any Hollywood movie. As you can imagine, game retailers are ecstatic with the demand and sales of the game, and Microsoft is celebrating over their success.

In the press release from Microsoft, they point out that “The Xbox 360 title beat previous records set by blockbuster theatrical releases like Spiderman 3 and novels such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Certainly the difference in price between a movie ticket or novel, and the minimum $60 price tag on Halo 3 helps, but even still, it’s a titanic-sized accomplishment for the gaming industry. Sales were also aided by over 10,000 midnight madness parties that were held Monday night by retailers to start selling the game, as well as over 1.7 million pre-orders.

halo 3 wallpaper

I’d be really interested to know how many copies of the game were sold, and what percentage that is of all Xbox 360 owners, but Microsoft hasn’t given those details yet. Obviously, all that really matters in the entertainment industry is the dollar amount, but it would still be interesting to know.

Vice president of movies and games at Best Buy said, “The initial demand we’ve seen for Halo 3 has been astounding, and the game is on track to become the number one gaming title of all time.  Halo 3 is a genuine entertainment phenomenon and our customers have responded very enthusiastically to the release.” Years ago, I don’t think anyone would have even considered that Microsoft could develop a gaming console, let alone publish the number one gaming title of all time.

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Source: Kotaku