Halo3Halo 3 is done! The developers of the game, Bungie, announced yesterday that “Halo’s Gone Gold.” That means that the final version of Halo 3 is done, and now it’s being “whisked away to top-secret manufacturing locations to be turned into retail version of the game – and eventually packaged and sent to stores in various cases, tins and cat-helmets.  We can’t wait to share it with you guys on September 25th and 26th.”

They go on to thank all the people involved in creating what is expected to be one of the most successful video games, ever. They closed up the announcement with “We finished our fight. Your fight begins in 27 days. Are you ready?” And with that question, I know that many of you are more than ready. With over 1 million pre-orders, Halo 3 has already broken preorder records in the video game industry! People are expecting a lot from Halo 3, and I doubt it’ll Disappoint.

In other Halo 3 news, apparently South Koreans aren’t really familiar with Halo. So in an effort to familiarize Koreans with the game, Microsoft decided to do some promoting. According to Kotaku, “Microsoft Korea thought it would be HILARIOUS to have a guy in a Master Chief costume to spook innocent bystanders and film it Candid Camera-style and use cheesy circus music.”

Just watch…

Source: Paul Thurott’s Internet Nexus