Not that this should be a surprise, but the ending of Halo 3 has been leaked to the Internet. With the game set to launch in just a week on September 25th, the video of the ending appears to be legitimate – although it hasn’t been confirmed. If you have interest in ruining the game for yourself, I’ve included the link below. Just do everybody else a favor and don’t spoil it for all the Halo fans planning to wait until they actually play the game to find out how it ends (please don’t post any spoilers in the comments either).




Hopefully those that want to wait until they play the game won’t have to hibernate for a week in fear of hearing how it ends. I’ve never understood how anybody gets enjoyment out of spoiling it for others, but it happens.

In other Halo 3 news, here’s an image of what the Halo 3 Edition of Xbox 360 looks like. It launched yesterday just in time for the release of the game!

xbox 360 halo 3 edition

It’ll cost you $400 bucks, and DOES NOT come with Halo 3 (the game). As one CrunchGear commenter pointed out, this is a great deal for HDTV owners. This special edition has the HDMI output, but is $100 cheaper than the Xbox 360 Elite version you’d have to buy if you wanted it otherwise. If you were planning on buying an Xbox 360 any ways, this might be a good option.

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