Halo3Last week I went around the Internet to different retailers looking for a release date for Halo 3.  I was just curious what dates were out there, and if any of them were the same in hopes of getting some indication when to expect the launch. Out of 8 different stores that I checked, there were four different dates.

Microsoft has just announced the official release date for Halo 3, and none of the eight sites were correct which isn’t surprising. Come September 25th in the United States, Halo fans will be able to flock to the stores to pick up a copy.  In Europe, the launch date is set for September 26th.

This will be a huge day for Xbox 360 and all of the loyal Halo fans. I’m sure this game will also help drive the sales of the Xbox 360 console, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of those 4 million pre-orders for Halo 3 that Game Stop Corp. has sold, were sold to those who don’t have an Xbox 360 quite yet but are planning on purchasing one just in time for Halo 3.

Microsoft has gone as far as comparing the release of Halo 3 to other big entertainment launches this year like Spider-Man 3, and the new Harry Potter. So far with the pre-sales giving us a good indication on the popularity of the game, it will in fact be one of the biggest entertainment launches this year.

Source: Bungie.net (Thanks for the tip Curtiss!)