halo 3 console When Halo 3 broke the record in the video game industry by selling over 1 million pre-orders, we knew September was going to be a huge month for Microsoft. Not only did they sell millions of dollars worth of Halo 3 games, they also sold millions of dollars worth of Xbox 360 consoles.  The official numbers that detail how many Xbox 360 consoles actually sold won’t be released until Thursday (October 18th), but we’ve got a pretty good idea at just how great of a month it was thanks to Wedbush Morgan Analyst, Michael Pachter.

According to Pachter, Halo 3 helped sell 450,000 Xbox 360s in the month of September. The number he’s given means that the Xbox 360 outsold the Wii by 25,000 units. That doesn’t mean that the coming months will be all downhill for Microsoft though. Pachter went on to say “Although we think that sales of Halo 3 accounted for virtually all of the growth during the month, we think that the game drove hardware sales and positions the industry for even greater sales in November and December, when many Halo players will be ready for a new challenge.  We are optimistic about software sales through the end of the year.”

Here’s the breakdown of the predicted sales for the month of September:

  1. Xbox 360 – 450,000 units
  2. DS – 430,000 units
  3. Wii – 425,000 units
  4. PSP – 252,000 units
  5. PS2 – 222,000 units
  6. PS3 – 150,000 units
  7. GBA – 65,000 units

Another factor that probably helped the Xbox take the #1 spot is that conveniently timed price cut. Back in early August Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox 360 console by 50 dollars.  Considering Halo 3 costs a little over $50 for the standard edition, consumers were able to get the console plus the game for what the system originally cost. Not a bad deal!

In general, software sales are expected to reach $655 million this year which is 47% higher than in 2006.  With both the PS3 and the Wii launched late last year, it’s no surprise that 2007 will have been so successful. Pachter also predicts that a PS2 price cut is possible before the end of the year, and his guess is that it will be priced at $99! If that’s true, I imagine we’ll see software sales increase even further thanks to those who just can’t pass up a good deal on a console!

Source: CrunchGear