happy birthday google If you visit Google today, you’ll notice the usual logo has been replaced with the one you see pictured to the right.  It’s Google’s 9th Birthday, and they’re celebrating! While there are actually several dates that could be considered Google’s birthday, clearly they acknowledge today, September 27th as their official birthday, the day that they became incorporated and their name was officially Google inc. I’m sure they’ve got birthday cake galore and other goodies on hand at the Googleplex to help celebrate. It’s been quite the 9 years for Google, so lets take a look at some of their milestones.

  • 1995-1997 – Google founders Larry and Sergey met at Stanford University and it wasn’t love at first site – they argued over everything. Eventually they agreed that there was a problem to solve, so they got together and began working on technology that would provide relevant information from mounds and mounds of data.
  • 1998 – Working in a dorm room (Google’s first data center), they began working on what they called BackRub, a search engine. After initially wanting to sell their technology, they decided they’d try and grow the service on their own and with generous donations, they were able to move out of the dorm and into the infamous Menlo Park, California garage.
  • 1999-  After outgrowing their space in the garage, they moved once more to an office in Palo Alto to comfortably fit eight employees. Shortly after that move, they found once again that they needed more space. This move took them to what is now known as the Googleplex – The Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California. They also felt that it was an appropriate time to ditch the beta tag, so in 1999, Google Search left it’s beta days behind.
  • 2000 – This is the year that both AdWords and the Google Toolbar were introduced. By the end of 2000, Google was handling over 100 million search queries each day.
  • 2001 –  Eric Schmidt took over as the big boss (CEO) of Google in August of 2001 to help their growing business.
  • 2002 – Both Google News and Froogle ( Now Google Products) launched this year as well as Google Labs which “enabled engineers to present their pet ideas proudly to an adventurous audience.”
  • 2003 – This is the year that Google AdSense launched which has given web sites the opportunity to generate revenue through targeted ads.
  • 2004 – One word… Gmail! At the time, the gigabyte of free storage that they offered for each user was huge. And because they launched this service on April 1st, everybody was convinced it was an April Fools joke. As we all know, this was no joke! Other big milestones this year included the acquisition of Picasa, as well as Keyhole Corp. which we now know as Google Earth.
  • 2005 – Google Video launched this year, although in a very different form than what we know it as today, as well as Google Maps and Google Talk.
  • 2006 –  Undoubtedly the biggest news of 2006 for Google was the acquisition of YouTube, although that was far from the only major thing that happened that year. This was also the year that Google Trends, Google Notebook, and Google Co-op launched.
  • 2007 –  Happy 9th birthday Google! Highlights from this year included TiSP – free broadband service for you home (Happy April Fools), opening Gmail up to everybody, and the acquisition of DoubleClick and Feedburner.

This was only the tip of the iceberg as far as Google’s milestones go, and I can only imagine what 2008 will bring. Happy Birthday Google!

Source: Google Corporate Information