Happy Birthday Vista It was one year ago today that Microsoft cut the ribbon on Windows Vista and sent it to the manufacturers. At the time programs were plagued with issues, device manufacturers hadn’t released updated drivers, and the available security software (antivirus, firewall, etc…) was extremely limited.

I moved over to the final release of Vista shortly after the consumer launch in January 2007, and it was still a little rough around the edges. As time went on Microsoft patched some of the troubling issues, but more importantly software developers updated their applications. Looking through my repertoire of software I just realized that almost all of my programs have been updated to be fully compatible with Vista, device manufacturers such as ATI have almost all released Vista-compatible drivers for their main hardware lineup, and the security software is once again becoming plentiful.

There are still people who complain about how terrible Vista is, many of which haven’t tried Vista for more than a few minutes. Is it the operating system that we all expected? Absolutely not, but Microsoft did an amazing job of adding the fit and finish that I would expect from them. At first glance it won’t feel all that different than XP, but take a closer look under the surface and you’ll appreciate Microsoft’s attention to detail.

Oh, and I wanted to clear up one of the most common complaints that I hear about Vista: memory usage. After a little while of using Vista you’ll more than likely notice that it uses a lot more memory than XP ever did, at times even twice as much. This is because of Vista’s SuperFetch technology which analyzes which programs you use the most, and preloads them into your memory. That way when you start a program it will appear almost instantly. Personally I love this feature, and I’m happy to see that Windows is finally making use of my RAM instead of just having it sit there.

Happy birthday Vista, and I’m looking forward to Service Pack 1!