HarddrivecrashYour hard drive crashes, and you start to panic because you don’t have any backups of your important information! You quickly take it out of your computer, frantically trying to figure out what you should do. Is there a fix? How about putting it in the freezer?

Yes, the freezer. One of Fred Langa’s tips from WindowsSecrets.com for reviving a dead hard drive is to put it in the freezer.  When your hard drive crashes, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully take your hard drive out of your computer.
  2. Put the hard drive in a ziploc bag and seal it up.
  3. Place the bag in the freezer for a few hours.
  4. When you remove the hard drive from the freezer, work quickly to reconnect it.
  5. Once the drive starts spinning and appears to be working, get your data off!

While some of you may have heard this as an old wives’ tale, according to him it’s true.  I really don’t want to try this out first hand because that would mean I’d need a crashed hard drive first, but it would be interesting to test it out. Of course, this is one of those methods you try when all else fails and there is NOTHING you could do.

Your best bet is to always back up your important documents, but we all know that not everybody takes the time to do this.

Another great resource is a document that Tech Republic put together which includes 200 different ways to revive a hard drive (who knew there were so many?). After reading it, you’ll be an expert on putting the life back into your hard drive, although, hopefully you’ll never have to use it.