Money on treeUsually you hear of the eBay auctions gone awry when the buyer receives something that they didn’t expect like an empty box, or the item in terrible condition.  I think this is one of the only times where I’ve heard of someone being satisfied with what came in the box, even though it wasn’t exactly what they purchased.

A 16–year old from Britain purchased a Playstation 2 on eBay for £95. The box arrived at the boys house and upon opening it, he found the game console as expected, but along with it was a whole heap of cash, £44,000 to be exact (about $90,000). Of course the boys parents didn’t just let him keep the money, instead they called the police who are now holding the money.

For now the boy has to wait until at least September to see if the money is ever claimed. If by chance no one steps up to claim the money, BBC News reports that the boy would be able to apply to have it returned to them.

Should he get the money, I guess now he has enough for a Playstation 3. And hopefully, he left the seller positive feedback! :)