Ever since May 18th, users who were still running Vista Beta 2, RC1, or RC 2 started receiving warning notifications about the upcoming expiration. In just two days, those copies of Vista will no longer be valid and the only access users will have will be for 2–hour sessions to retrieve data.

If you’re one of these people, this is your heads-up that you better get movin’ on purchasing a copy of Windows Vista, or prepare to revert to your prior operating system. You’ll also want to make sure that you have all of your files backed-up that you’d like to hang on to.

Vista RC1 users, if you want an in-place upgrade your only option is Vista Ultimate for $259. If you choose this option, all of your files will remain intact. For those who are using RC2 or Vista Beta 2, you can upgrade to any version, however they’re all clean installs which means all of your files, settings, programs, etc., will be replaced.

If you ignore these warning notifications, have fun dealing with a computer that automatically reboots every 2 hours. :)