When it comes to managing dual monitors I would say that there are some things that the Mac does better than Windows, while Windows does some things better than the Mac. I’ve used an external monitor with my laptop for years, but in my book neither operating system gets it exactly right.

To elaborate on that the Mac generally has better features for managing your secondary monitor. For example, I can rotate the screen orientation without needing a third-party application or a video card control center installed. The thing that drives me bonkers on a Mac, however, is the fact that the Menubar can only be located on one screen. This isn’t like the Windows Taskbar being located on only one monitor because the Mac Menubar includes all of the application-specific menus. So even though you’re working in an application on monitor #2 you actually have to move your mouse back to monitor #1 to access any of the menus. The only thing you can do is choose which monitor the Menubar appears on.

I went looking around for a solution, and to my surprise I couldn’t find a single application that could duplicate the Menubar on a secondary monitor. The closest thing I found was a free app called DejaMenu that is capable of displaying the contents of the Menubar in a drop-down list, but the only way to initiate it is through a keyboard shortcut. It’s good enough for me:


Windows users don’t have this problem since the menus for each application are stored within the application window. I’m sure you can imagine how unproductive this can make be when you’re frequently moving your mouse back and forth between monitors. On my Mac DejaMenu has saved me a bunch of time because of this.