mac expose.pngSeeing that Ashley and I are still relatively new to the Mac world we are still finding some little gems that demonstrate Apple’s eye for detail. A fine example of this is something I saw on the help page Apple developed to explain what Exposé is. It was there that I found out you can drag and drop files from one window to another using Exposé:

If you need to drag a file from one window to another, start dragging the item, press F9 to see all windows, drag the item over the target window until the window becomes active, or press F9 again, and drop in your item.

If you need to copy elements between two windows in the same application, start dragging the item you wish to copy, press F10 to display all open windows for that application, drag the item over the target window until it becomes active or press F10 again, and drop it.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s come in handy for me on numerous occasions. Having the ability to drag and drop using Exposé means that I no longer have to think about placing the two windows side-by-side before performing this operation. Plus you can make it a little more useful by putting these tips to use:

  • Setup a hotcorner that will launch Exposé. That way you don’t have to worry about pressing the Exposé shortcut on the keyboard.
  • Instead of hovering over a program in Exposé and waiting for it to become active you can press the Spacebar to immediately be taken to that application.
  • This trick also works with the shortcut that shows your desktop (F11). It makes dragging items to/from your desktop a breeze.

When I first started using a Mac getting accustomed to using Exposé felt like more of a chore than anything. I have to admit that it has really grown on me though, and I now use it all the time.