It may not have happened to you yet, but chances are that sometime in your life, you may end up dropping your cell phone in water whether it be the kitchen sink, a puddle, or maybe even… the toilet! So what are you supposed to do when something happens to your precious phone? Today’s helpful tip explains two things that you can do should your phone get wet. Our source of information was wikiHow, so checkout their site for additional tips.

Get a bowl of rice…

white rice That’s right, get yourself a big bowl of uncooked white rice, take your battery out (and SIM card if you have one), and then bury your phone in the bowl. The rice will soak up the water from your phone and there’s a good chance your phone will work once all of the water is removed.

Use a Hair Dryer on low…

Once again, be sure to remove the battery and your SIM card and don’t turn it on to see if it works! The key here is not to use high heat, but to use the lowest possible setting on the hair dryer. The heat can actually damage the phone even more, so keep that in mind before you go putting it under a heat lamp, in the microwave (this will destroy the phone and possibly the microwave), or blast it with hot air from a dryer.

Additional Tips

  • Most phones have an indicator (many times there are multiple indicators, some which you wouldn’t be able to see, and one  is usually under the battery) which changes color if the phone has been exposed to water. If you were to take your phone back to the place you got it from, they’ll likely check this indicator first. Many insurance plans on phones will not cover damage from water, and this is the way that they’ll check.
    wet phone indicator
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  • Be sure your phone is completely dry before you try turning it on for the first time. This means the non-visible inside parts need to be dry too. Give the phone plenty of time to dry both on the outside and the inside.

Drop your phone in water? Tell us what you did, and if it worked!