While iPods look clean and shiny right out of the box, it doesn’t take long for a few scratches to appear. They tend to scratch fairly easily, even when you try (like I did) to keep it scratch free. Unless you’re using a case or cover of some sort, it’s inevitable that it will happen eventually.  Here are a few tips on different ways that you can fix the scratches on your iPod:

  • Remove the "shiny" surface from the back of your iPod using a rough sponge (instructions here). This gives it a "brushed" look (pictured above) which will take away the shine, the fingerprints, and the scratches. Cost: Nearly free! 
  • iCleaner – this non abrasive alcohol free cleaner will remove scratches from both plastic and metal surfaces. If you’d like your iPod to look closer to the way it did when you first bought it, give it a try. Cost: $19.95-$35.00
  • Brasso – Using Brasso and a dremel with a buffer attachment, you’ll be able to restore your iPod to "near-new" condition. You could also try using Brasso with a soft cloth, it just may take you longer to get the scratches out than using a dremel with a buffer attachment. Cost: About $4
  • iDrops – "A simple easy to use, one bottle solution for cleaning, polishing, and removing scratches from you iPod, iBook, White MacBook and more." Cost: $14.95

If you have any other suggestions, let us know!