If you’ve bought anything from Amazon before, you know that many of the products they sell are eligible for “Free Super Saver Shipping.” With the offer, if you spend at least $25 dollars on eligible products, you’ll get free shipping. It’s as simple as that. I’ve never come across anything on their site that didn’t qualify for the free shipping which is nice, but the only problem is when I’m purchasing something that is slightly under $25, Amazon tacks on shipping charges. The additional expense can make the item I’m purchasing (which may have been a good deal to start with) more expensive than purchasing it in a brick and mortar store and I’m usually purchasing at Amazon because of the price. Luckily there’s an easy way to spend $25 and get free shipping every time you make a purchase at Amazon for eligible products.

There are at least two sites that we know of that list out the cheap fillers you can buy so that your order will qualify for free shipping. The first is Amazon Filler Item Finder (which seems to be the nicer site) and the second is found at Freebieville.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that there was a pair of New Balance shoes on clearance at Amazon that I wanted for around $21.50. Of course Amazon tacked on shipping because the order wasn’t over $25. If I found an item for $3.50 that I could purchase, my order would still be cheaper than paying shipping charges, so I headed over to both Amazon Filler Item Finder and Freebieville to see if there was something I could find for around $3.50.

First I went to Amazon Filler Item Finder. They allow you to simply enter the amount you need to spend to get free shipping, and then you can search particular categories. I entered in $3.50 as the amount I needed to spend and they returned a whole list of items in the categories that I chose. With this service, you can enter in an amount that ranges from a few pennies up to $14.99.

Amazon Filler Item Finder.png

To compare results, I headed over to Freebieville to see what they had. They only list fillers that are up to $5, and you can’t enter in a certain price, they just list out specific items. In that respect it’s not as nice as the previously mentioned service, but it still does the trick.


The next time you place an order at Amazon that’s slightly under $25, try to find a filler item to see if spending the $25 and getting free shipping is still cheaper than just paying the shipping charges. Chances are, it will be and you can save yourself some money.

Source: Lifehacker