firefox save image So you’re browsing the web and come across an image that you want to save to your computer. There are various ways that you can go about doing this. For example, in Opera you can hold down the Control key and click on the image. You’ll then be prompted with the Save-As dialog just as you would have if you right-clicked on the image to save it.

As you may recall we had just written an article about dragging and dropping text/URL’s in Firefox. Well, a commenter who goes by the name “i2008″ pointed out that you can also drag images to your desktop to save them immediately. It works like a champ in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and completely bypasses the Save-As dialog making it a quick way to save images.

Similarly you can also drag and drop hyperlinks to your desktop to create a bookmark/shortcut to that page. I did, however, find out that if an image is hyperlinked it will create a shortcut rather than saving the actual image.

If you’re using Firefox you could also look into installing the Image Toolbar extension (review) which provides buttons to save, print, and more when you hover over an image.