I’m a huge fan of coming up with cheap hacks that replace otherwise expensive solutions. I thought I would use this article to discuss creating a low-cost laptop sleeve from various items, as well as picking up a nice laptop stand at the store for under $5. Hopefully these instructions will save you some time and money…

–Laptop Sleeve–

I originally saw this trick on Lifehacker, and I thought it was really clever. Someone had made a sleeve for their laptop using 3 or 4 FedEx envelopes! Directions on how to make your own are available on Instructables, and here is what the final result looks like:

FedEx DYI Laptop Sleeve

Instructables also has two other alternatives for laptop sleeves: one made with a hoodie, and another made with a simple piece of fabric. Before you get going on any of these tricks you’ll want to have some sewing skills!

I, however, forked out about $25 to purchase a well-padded laptop sleeve that fits my computer very snuggly. If I’m going to be using this to transport my computer I want to have something that does a little more than just prevent scratches.

–Laptop Stand–

I had given a tutorial back in June regarding how to change your primary monitor. Since then I’ve had several people ask me what I used to get my laptop lifted off of the desk, and make it more at level with my standalone monitor:


In the photo the stand is the four white legs holding up the laptop, and it’s just a wire shelf often used in the kitchen. Here is someone selling a similar shelf on Amazon for $5, but I picked up a three-pack of these at our local Walmart for under $6 (they varied slightly in size). I recommend going to a department store and looking in the kitchen section for these if you want one yourself. It surely beats paying $32 for something that serves the same purpose.

And besides for just putting the laptop at an equal level to this monitor, it also serves a few other purposes. Since it is a wire rack it provides plenty of ventilation for the various vents on the computer, and therefore it runs cooler than normal. Not only that, but the way the rack is designed makes it possible for me to easily utilize the space underneath the computer for something else.

Tip: Some stores will have these stands in aluminum or stainless steel for a few dollars more, and that style looks a lot nicer. I decided to just go with the cheapest thing I could find though.

–Have Any Laptop-Related Tips?–

If you’ve got some sort of cheap hack that you’ve come up with for your laptop feel free to share them! I hate paying more than I have to for items that serve the similar purposes, and I’m sure plenty of you have come up with some clever setups. Hit us up in the comments below.